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Brian Angelle
Oct.6,1962 - Oct.17,2007
Brian "T Bone" Angelle was born and raised in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.
He was born in coon-ass country and was very proud of his heritage. He
used to scream his coon-ass yell whenever he was having a lot of fun.
He grew up learning to fish and catch crayfish. Brian, like most of the men
down south, he could cook up a mean batch of "mud bugs"... (Crayfish)
One day fishing with his Grandpa, his Grandpa asked him, "What do
you want for lunch?" Well at the young age of five he blurted out with
a commanding voice, "A T-Bone Grandpa..... A T-bone!" Hence came
his nick name......... T-Bone.
Brian loved to ride and work on Harleys. We miss him a lot.
RIP Brian Angelle.
Jim n Deb

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